Brewers 8 Cubs 7 in 13

The Cubs lost a frustrating game to the Brewers 8-7 in 13 innings. Matt Garza did not have one of his best games but he held in there. He lasted just 5 innings but only gave up a run in the first. He did walk 5 and hit a batter which means his control was not his best. But then again he wasn’t missing by much. All the Cubs pitchers gave up a lot of walks. 14 total. It put them in trouble all night and was the main reason they lost.

David DeJesus had a great night. Didn’t start and entered the game as a pinch hitter and hit the first pitch over the right field fence for a grand slam. He later tripled in the ninth and drove in the tying run and also scored on a wild pitch.

The Brewers came back with a Hart home run with one on to tie the game and send it into extra innings.

It was the walks. 5 by Garza, 3 by Kerry Woods, 2 by Dolis that can just drive you nuts. Carlos Marmol gave up 2 hits,  a walk and 2 runs to show he is still not back from his prolems. He left with a pulled hamstring.

Cubs win in 11th 4-3 over Dodgers. Have you noticed?

The scored a come from behind victory in 11 innings over the Dodgers in a long rain delayed game at Wrigley. This was a big win. The Cubs were down 3-2 going into the bottom of the ninth. Tony Campana drove in the tying run in the bottom of the ninth. Darwin Barney doubled to start the bottom of the eleventh. Welington Castillo was walked. Jeff Samardzija was sent up to bunt the runners to 2nd and 3rd but instead was hit by a pitch. That loaded the bases for David DeJesus who walked driving in the winning run. Cubs win!!

Cubs Win with David DeJesus walk (more…)

Heartbreaking loss

Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The loss yesterday to the Reds in 10 was such a downer. I have been a Cub Fan forever and have seen some that just deflate you. This was another one. Sure as time goes on all teams have a loss like this but come on.

I have lost all confidence in Carlos Marmol. He has a great slider but if he can’t throw it for strikes the other team is going to wait him out like they are doing. This is not a new problem. Dale Sveum has stated that Marmol needs to use his fastball. But he  continues to throw the slider and the batters are no longer biting.

The error by Ian Stewart did not help. He has been good at third but this was a crucial error. But that does not excuse Carlos Marmol. Dale Sveum needs to make a change here. It wasted a great game pitched by Ryan Dempster.

If the Cubs had won on Thursday they would have had some momentum going home. They would have won 7 of 11. The took 2 of 3 from the Cards, split the 4 games with the Phillies and would have swept the Reds. This would have been great going into a home stand.

Now they need to pick themselves off the floor and face the Dodgers who have the best record in the National League with a 17-8 record.

On a good note Brian LaHair continues to impress. He hit his team leading 7th home run and again to the opposite field.   He is batting .388 with 7 home runs and 16 RBI. He has reached base in 21 games in a row and tied Derrek Lee for the teams all time record for first baseman.

It was good to see Starlin Castro hit his first home run and Geovanny Soto got his second. Soto is having a difficult time and his job may be in trouble.

Cubs 5 Philllies 1

Matt Garza

Matt Garza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Cubs win today with a great pitching performance by Matt Garza. He was on his game today. Pitched 7 innings and was nothing but spectacular.  Strikes out 10 and earned his second win against 1 loss. Rafael Dolis pitched a perfect 8 and Carlos Marmol escaped the ninth. Marmol had some trouble walking 3, loading the bases and walked in a run. He still is not as sharp as he use to be.

Joe Mather hit his first home run and Brian LaHair had 3 hits including 2 doubles.

It case no one is watching but the Cubs are now 8-14. Not a great record at all as they are still in last place tied with Houston. But they are playing better. They took 2 of 3 from St. Louis and have won 2 of 3 against the Phillies with a game 4 tomorrow.

They are not hitting home runs but they scored 5 today and 5 on Friday.

Marlon Bryd

Marlon Byrd

Marlon Byrd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Cubs traded Marlon Byrd to the Boston Red Sox. Sorry to see Marlon go. He was a

favorite player of mine. I liked the way he played the game, his attitude. He did not have a very good start to this year. In fact his offense has not been up to par since he suffered the terrible face injury when he hit by a pitch to his face.

But he would never make an excuse. He was a player that was a leader on the team. He was a great team mate in the club house and was a great example for players to follow.

He will be missed but the team was looking to improve and add to the bullpen, at least that was what was announced as a reason for the trade.


They will receive right handed pitcher Michael Bowden. He has seen limited service with the Red Sox with just 20 innings last year and 15 in 2010. He has been with Red Sox since 2008 and is 25 years old.

Game 10 St. Louis 10 Cubs 3

The Cubs and Paul Maholm didn’t make it against he Cards. Maholm lasted just 4 innings giving up 6 runs and 6 hits. He is now 0-2 but his win less streak goes back to last July.

The first 10 days are showing some of the weakness of the team. The first 3 starters give the Cubs a chance to win. The 4 and 5 starters are going to be a challenge.

Without A. Ramirez and Carlos Pena the Cubs don’t have much power. At least on the surface. Alfonso Soriano should hit 20 plus but that is not going to be enough. He not going to see a lot of fastballs.

Hopefully Brian LeHair will prove he is a long ball threat. Ian Stewart, I really don’t know. Starlin Castro will get hits and extra base hits but I don’t expect a lot of home runs out of him yet.

The Cubs now to go Florida to play the Marlins in their new park. Big park. They are 4-6 and the Cubs are 3-7. It is still very early in the season. Things will get better.

The Cards win 10-3.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
CHC 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 3 6 0
STL 0 2 4 0 2 0 2 0 X 10 12 2

The Cubs so far 2012

The Cubs are 3-6 so far following the loss to St. Louis yesterday, 4/14. This probably is not a great surprise no matter that we Cubs fan would like that record turned around.

What is good so far is the starting pitching. Except for the game by Paul Maholm when he gave up a 5 spot in the first innings the starters have been great. Jeff Samardzija was great in his first start and not bad in his last. Starting pitching as long as they stay healthy is not going to be the problem.

The Cubs hitters are a different story so far. Yes they scored 8 runs on came and 9 the next. But they need to be more consistent and it is going to be very important to manufacture runs and take every opportunity available because runs are going to be hard to come by.

But the biggest worry I think is the bullpen. It didn’t start out great with Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood blowing the first couple of games. They have since performed better but this is going to be a difficult year. Sean Marshall was traded and Jeff Samardzija is now a starter. A lot of the Cubs success or failure this year is going to depend on how well the bullpen does.

April is going to be a difficult month to start the season. They are going to play so touch teams with St. Louis, Milwaukee, the Reds and Phillies. This could spell the tone for the entire year like it did last year. They got off to a terrible start and never recoverd.

I do predict the Cubs will have a better year and the offense will be a big part of

Kerry Wood

Kerry Wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

it along with the starting pitching. Defense will be better and so will the base running with more stolen bases. Alfonso Soriano is already better in the outfield. I also think Marlon Byrd will be traded.








The Cubs lose Sat 4/14/2012 5-1 to St. Louis. Chis Volstad takes the loss.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
CHC 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 6 2
STL 0 0 0 4 0 0 1 0 X 5 7 0


Congratulation to Starlin Castro for making it to 200 hits and being the youngest Cub to do so.

Chicago Cubs shortstop prospect Starlin Castro.

Image via Wikipedia

Sept 23, 2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Chicago Cubs 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 1 5 9 0
St. Louis Cardinals 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 8 1

The Season is coming to and end. The last weekend and only 5 games left. The division races are decided and the wild card is almost also.
So what does this mean to the Cubbies? Question, questions and more questions.

First, who will be the General Manager? This appears to be something that Tom Ricketts is keeping pretty close to the vest.

And with a new GM what is going to happen with Mike Quade?

He is a good guy and I had high hopes for him. Injuries did not help and it started right out of the gate. Starting pitching has been a problem all season. Zambrano  did not help. Depth was not there. The 4th and 5th spot in the rotation was terrible.

Could anyone have done a better job?
Has Aramis Ramirez played is last season in Chicago? Cubs have an option for 2012 at $16 million.
Will the Cubs be in the big free agent market? That may be up to whether Albert Pujois and Prince Fielder stay with their current teams. If they don’t, will the new GM pursue them?
Since they are both first baseman if the Cubs don’t sign one of them, will they keep Carlos Pena? Is he someone they want to keep?
Darwin Barney came from no where to win the starting second base job. Has he? Is it his to lose going into 2012?
Marlon Byrd is solid in center for 2012. Looks as if the Cubs will be stuck with Alfonso Soriano in left unless a new GM can pull a rabbit out of hat. But who will be the regular right fielder? Will Tyler Colvin return to 2010 status? 2011 was a big disappointment.
Bryan LeHair? 38 home runs AAA. But only 2 so far in 44 at bats. He is hitting .341 with an OBP of  .434. Where would he play? It does seem like he can hit and has power. Defense? So far no problem but nothing special there.  Maybe his best spot is as a DH in the AL. Trade bait?

Carlos Zambrano? What is going to happen with him? I think his time with the Cubs are over but with that much money owed him it would be difficult to just throw it away. Trade? Who would want him and would the Cubs get anything? Think Carlos Silva, Milton Bradley.

One reason the Cubs are in the fix they are in is they have made some bad contracts. Zambrano, Soriano, Bradley and that eats up payroll and it must make a bad impression on the team.

Its going to be an active off season until spring training comes around. So stay tuned.

8/16/2011 Devastating Loss 6-5 to Astro

Carlos Marmol gave up a walk off grand slam and the Cubs and Ryan Dempster lost won they had won. Marmol didn’t look that bad. He gave up an unusual 2 singles and then a walk to load the bases. The home run was a blast to center over 400 feet that Marlon Byrd went to the wall and just gave it up and headed to the dug out. Aramis Ramirez sat in the dug out after the gamejust staring. He had also hit a blast over the rail road tracks. Tyler Colvin also hit a upper deck 2 run shot.

After struggles in the first inning Ryan Dempster pitched a great game. Kerry Wood who has been lights out also did a great job. He had a string of 8 consecutive strikeouts over his last few outings that ended.

I have heard that Big Z really didn’t mean he wanted to retire. He was just frustrated with his performance and everyone is making a big thing out of it. I guess I can see why he thinks that. The problem is his history. He didn’t blow is top this time. But his actions are not acceptable. You can’t clean out your locker and say you are retiring and then want everyone to forget it. It is not like he is 12 years old. He can be frustrated but that does not excuse his actions.

I wanted to write about the fact the Cubs were 11-2 for the month of August. But the loss tonight kind of touch the winds out the my sail. But tomorrow is another game. I guess I am just frustrated and I think I will retire.

8/13 Big Z (via Muskat Ramblings)

At one time Big Z was a big time pitcher. From 2003-2008 he won 13,16,14,16,18 and 14 games and was the ace of the staff. But not any more.
He is no longer worth the $18 million and the contract was too long.
Is it his ego? Don’t care. He is letting his fellow teammates down and they are tired of him.
It is hard to say if we have seen the last of Big Z. Contracts and the player’s association will play a big role.
I thought this was all behind him and very disappointed that he has created another problem. The Cubs finally are winning some ball games and this happens.

One week ago at Wrigley Field, Carlos Zambrano’s Big Z Foundation was being celebrated. Today, Zambrano may be headed home. The Cubs’ volatile right-hander served up five home runs to the Braves, was ejected for throwing at Chipper Jones, and then cleaned out his locker and left the ballpark. If this is the end, it’s been a wild ride with Zambrano, whose outbursts have overshadowed his pitching too many times. There was the fight with Michael Bar … Read More

via Muskat Ramblings